Salute to 2013!

What a crazy year 2013 was???

My head is still spinning or is that from attending Tarah Mikacich 30th birthday party last night?!!! LOL!!! I think it is from a little of both: )

2013 was filled with a lot of hours in boat coaching which makes me feel very blessed. I am hoping to spend just as much time myself behind the boat this year riding because that genuinely make me a happy girl :) )))

Lets see if I can condense all of last year into bullets

  • Major surgery ( unrelated to wakeboard) feel awesome now!
  • Management position at Performance Ski & Surf
  • The Shop moved to a better location….moving = NOT FUN
  • Private coaching clinics at Smith Lake in Jasper Alabama… LOVE BAMA!
  • Surprise road trip to visit my parents… They are the best!
  • A lot more students this year especially Brazilian riders!!
  • Sold my Chevy truck and bought a Subaru… best hatchback ever!
  • Attended my best buddies wedding
  • 3 week coaching trip in Russia…ALWAYS AWESOME
  • BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE ..CANAL FRONT!!!!…. WOOOWHOOOO!!! Future ..Cathy’s Bed & Shred ; )
  • Got to go home to visit my family for Christmas for the first time in about 5 years.. Truly blessed!
  • Celebrated New Years on a more casual level with great friends, good food and fondue… Perfect!

Not too shabby of a 2013 the only downside is the fact that I am not debt free anymore : ( but hey… I just have to make it a new goal!!! If I can do it once, I can do it again .. just might take me a little longer ; )

I wish everyone the best in happiness, health, love and a lot of riding behind the boat and at the cable for 2014!!!!

Hope to see you in Orlando!!!


2013 Kalinka Wakesurf Cup Moscow

What a beautiful summer it has been in Moscow but you can feel fall quickly approaching… it actually has reminded me a bit of Orlando with daily rains. The only thing is as it rains each day the weather gets a little cooler. The weather for the 2nd Annual Kalinka Cup was exceptionally warm & sunny . SCORE!!!!

Tige z3

The turnout was great with onlookers form the cable park, spectators and competitors alike.. goodtimes were had by all with entertainment DJ style and gigantic bean bags to lounge around on.

IMG_2269Alex and TimmyOpen Mens Champion Artem


Russia 2013 part 2

The first week in Moscow also included working with Alena Pishchulina and her friends at Endless Summer wakesurfing before the 2nd Annual Kalinka International Wakesurf Cup.

Nothing like bringing back a little America by having Dunkin Donuts coffee to start my day!

Dunkin Donuts

On the way to the Shore Yacht Club there was the most interesting bridge we would pass through. The idea was to have a restaurant in it. Instead people get married there.. pretty cool! Im sure the view is amazing. I bet it would be really cool at night!Bridge in Moscow

Once at the yacht club I noticed

Alena Surf

there were no shortage of wake boats. Nautiques, Tige’s, Mastercrafts, Malibu’s and Alena’s MB Sport!

Good times as always and Alena was killing it!

MB SportEndless Summer crew

I was very excited to spend another birthday in Moscow which always makes for something special to remember especially when your having dinner with friends  : ) Alena arranged for tickets to the Bolshoi Theater for the opening night of  the ballet presentation of ” Onegin” it was amazing!!!!

Bolshoi TheatreBirthdaybirthday cake
Bolshoi Theater

It was a great week, I would like to say thank you to Artem who picked me up everyday from my hotel and hurried so we could wait in traffic HA HA!! OMG lots of traffic. Thank you Artem!

Sunset surf Artem

Alena I really enjoyed getting to know you but most of all watching you surf. Thank you again for your hospitality and kindness : )

Rainbow with Alena

RUSSIA 2013!!!

I have been in Moscow for a week!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It has been great! This was my view from the Belgrad Hotel in downtown Moscow. I spent the first couple of days at WakePeople coaching wakeboarding but mainly wake surfing. It is crazy how the people have taken to the sport! The level of wakesurfing has really spiked in both skim and surf style.

Yana Surf!

This has also been my second or third time spending my birthday in Russia

Coaching Russian Style?Always goodtimes with great people making lasting friendships built on broken english and a lot of laughter!!!!

This trip so far has been a lot of fun with a lot of memorable moments. My last day at WakePeople one of the owners made me a traditional bread called “Perog” at the top it is custom to put salt in the circle. When you take a peice of bread you dip it in the salt before you eat : )

Traditional Russian "Perog"Russian Wake Sesh

Russian Wake Sesh #2Yana and Alex

Thank you to everyone at WakePeople & Freeride!

Once again I loved working with everyone.. The drivers were great, Tige boats had a great wake and most of all, for taking your time to make sure I was taking care of..

Thank you again!!!


Warm Winter for Wakeboarding :))))

Past couple of months have been stellar with a cold snap or two, here and there but, over all AWESOME!!!!!! There have already been some great wakeboard  shred sessions !!!!

Kevin and his crew from New York

Kevin and his crew from the great state of New York

Selina from Manhattan.. Jumped the wake for the first time CONGRATS!!!

Selina!!! Woowhoo you go girl!!!!

Selina!!! Woowhoo you go girl!!!!

I love coaching wakeboard!!! It makes me the happiest girl in the world, to see the smiles and instant gratification when riders improve : )

Me & Hollie

Me & Hollie

Hollie she is part of a group of young shredders about the ages between 6 to 12 who call themselves the ” Shred Sisters”

shred sisters

Shred Sisters Sydney Kyla, Hollie & Sarah

These girls are the future of our sport , riding boat and cable, absolutely  ripping on both. No telling where it will take them and our sport! My hope for them is what wakeboarding has done for me…World travel, life time opportunities, skills in marketing, self promotion, personal communication and public speaking, not to mention the life long friendships i have made world wide : )

What I love about this group of girls is that they ride together and push each other. When it comes to competition time it does become an individual sport but they are still there having fun and enjoying the ride!!!!

Waaaaay to go GIRLS!!! Keep riding and inspiring other girls


Hey Yall…

There are Americans …

New Yorkers in desperate need of COATS…

If you’re interested in donating, please consider collecting coats for their Coat Drive. There is currently a high demand for warm, gently-used winter coats, with so many people in the city left without their clothing, heat, or even homes. If you have spare coats that you would like to donate, you can take them to an
y police precinct or public library in New York City.

mail them to:

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 10.33.09 PMATTN: The New York Cares Coat Drive
157 West 31st Street, Basement 2
New York, NY 10001

For those who live in Orlando and dont want to pay for postage you can bring any coats you would like to donate to me at Performance Ski & Surf and I will make it happen. Im sure if you look in your closet you’ll see like I do that we have more than enough!

Closing in on the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday lets make a collective effort to put some warmth and smile into some folks hearts to let them know that as privileged Americans we will do what we can to take care of our own : )



What can I say I love Russia!!!!

Alex, Maria, Marina, June

I love the whole experience, i could probably do without the whole hassle of the Visa but it is so cool when you get it back in the mail with the stamp on the inside of your Passport .. Every time Im like ” Hell yeah I’m goin to Russia… WOOOOWHOOO!!!”

I like  flying Delta I think they have the best options for being comfortable on an international flight on a budget.. if there is ever Economy Plus available ” BOOK IT” It will be the best choice for your extended flight plans : )

A lot of people have said to me ” Wow you have been all over the world ! ” and my reply has always been… ” I’ve been everywhere but no where!” which was sooooo true until the last couple of years on the World Cup and Pro tour circuit. I made it a point to spend an extra day or two to enjoy the sites .. I have been to Russia 5 times and had never seen the Red Square… SERIOUSLY!?! How bad is that… Sooooooo I had 3 hours to spare and with  the help of my gracious hostess Maria we took the subway into town and she took me for a great tour of the city and finished with an authentic Georgian style lunch… anyone who knows me knows I am 400lbs on the inside ” ) I love food! It was a great finish to help kick me off to the sets that were waiting for me to coach wake surfing and wake boarding back at WAKEPEOPLE!


Red Square

Red Square

While I was over my friends surprised me by celebrating my birthday : ) It was a great day of wake boarding, wakesurfing, flower & gift presentations followed by BBQ and traditional cake with tea. I really appreciated the their hospitality, thoughtfulness and kindness. Definitely one of my all time unforgettable birthdays : )


P7100136Tige Z23

Go BIG or Stay home!!!!  " )

Go BIG or Stay home!!!! " )

I have included the rest of the pics from my trip in the photo section…

Couldn't help it...I had to show them how to make a fake mustache = >{  ()

Couldn't help it...I had to show them how to make a fake mustache = >{ ()

Thai Pics

If you go to the Gallery you can see more pics of Thailand and wakeboarding , I have great views from the Lebua Hotel in Bangokok which was featured in one of my favorite movies Hangover 2… I loved wake boarding over there! The weather was hot, water was flat, the people were amazing and the food was off the Richter scale!!!!  ” )

p2210042 p2160019 p2100027

Blast from the Past!

Brian Manning had sent me an email with a picture of his brother Gary, Gerry Nunn and myself from a Wakeboard Pro Tour stop in 1998  held in Austin Texas. What a crack up!!!

Thanks Brian!!!!

P.s. Gary thanks for the awesome hemp necklace too!!! I wish I could say I still had it, but it became a casualty at sea, surfing off the coast of Australia