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Salute to 2013!

What a crazy year 2013 was???
My head is still spinning or is that from attending Tarah Mikacich 30th birthday party last night?!!! LOL!!! I think it is from a little of both: )
2013 was filled with a lot of hours in boat coaching which makes me feel very blessed. I am hoping to spend just [...]

Warm Winter for Wakeboarding :))))

Past couple of months have been stellar with a cold snap or two, here and there but, over all AWESOME!!!!!! There have already been some great wakeboard  shred sessions !!!!
Kevin and his crew from New York

Selina from Manhattan.. Jumped the wake for the first time CONGRATS!!!
I love coaching wakeboard!!! It makes me the happiest girl in [...]


Hey Yall…There are Americans …New Yorkers in desperate need of COATS…If you’re interested in donating, please consider collecting coats for their Coat Drive. There is currently a high demand for warm, gently-used winter coats, with so many people in the city left without their clothing, heat, or even homes. If you have spare coats that [...]


What can I say I love Russia!!!!

I love the whole experience, i could probably do without the whole hassle of the Visa but it is so cool when you get it back in the mail with the stamp on the inside of your Passport .. Every time Im like ” Hell yeah I’m goin to [...]

Thai Pics

If you go to the Gallery you can see more pics of Thailand and wakeboarding , I have great views from the Lebua Hotel in Bangokok which was featured in one of my favorite movies Hangover 2… I loved wake boarding over there! The weather was hot, water was flat, the people were amazing and [...]

Blast from the Past!

Brian Manning had sent me an email with a picture of his brother Gary, Gerry Nunn and myself from a Wakeboard Pro Tour stop in 1998  held in Austin Texas. What a crack up!!!
Thanks Brian!!!!
P.s. Gary thanks for the awesome hemp necklace too!!! I wish I could say I still had it, but it became [...]


Just a quick little entry to tell ya about THAILAND!!! WOOOOWHOOOOOOO!!!! What a trip! It was HOT… the weather was HOT, the water was HOT and the food was FIRE EATIN HOT! Man the FOOD… WHOA!! So Good BUT…. SOOOO HOT! lol!!
Riding was absolutely EPIC! Glass water, only boat on a 12 mile long lake [...]


Whats the most awesome thing about this Christmas and rocking into 2012?
Being DEBT FREE !!!!!!!!
If your visiting my site for the first time and thinking to yourself… ” I was just wanting to checkout this chick doing some wakeboarding” You still can, its just that this is not only my site for information about getting [...]


Whoa… somebody pull back the reigns before summer is gone!!!!!
I have been so busy working, coaching, making new friends, keeping up with old friends, riding and traveling i have not noticed that its the middle of September …
That I am such a slacker when it comes to this whole blog thinga-ma-jiggy.. but hey that’s [...]

Tis’ the season to get some WAKEBOARD INSTRUCTION!!!

Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching! What a great way to kick your boarding season in the right direction by gettin a little help from your wakeboard pro.. who by the way, absolutely LOVES being in the boat helping my boarding brothers and sisters out ; )
Yours truly ( ME ) would love [...]