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2013 Kalinka Wakesurf Cup Moscow

What a beautiful summer it has been in Moscow but you can feel fall quickly approaching… it actually has reminded me a bit of Orlando with daily rains. The only thing is as it rains each day the weather gets a little cooler. The weather for the 2nd Annual Kalinka Cup was exceptionally warm & [...]


Cathy Williams shares @DallasFriday stories in @WakeJournal’s all-girls issue [] @CWsdotcom
— Wake Journal (@wakejournal) August 16, 2013

Russia 2013 part 2

The first week in Moscow also included working with Alena Pishchulina and her friends at Endless Summer wakesurfing before the 2nd Annual Kalinka International Wakesurf Cup.
Nothing like bringing back a little America by having Dunkin Donuts coffee to start my day!

On the way to the Shore Yacht Club there was the most interesting bridge we [...]