What can I say I love Russia!!!!

Alex, Maria, Marina, June

I love the whole experience, i could probably do without the whole hassle of the Visa but it is so cool when you get it back in the mail with the stamp on the inside of your Passport .. Every time Im like ” Hell yeah I’m goin to Russia… WOOOOWHOOO!!!”

I like  flying Delta I think they have the best options for being comfortable on an international flight on a budget.. if there is ever Economy Plus available ” BOOK IT” It will be the best choice for your extended flight plans : )

A lot of people have said to me ” Wow you have been all over the world ! ” and my reply has always been… ” I’ve been everywhere but no where!” which was sooooo true until the last couple of years on the World Cup and Pro tour circuit. I made it a point to spend an extra day or two to enjoy the sites .. I have been to Russia 5 times and had never seen the Red Square… SERIOUSLY!?! How bad is that… Sooooooo I had 3 hours to spare and with  the help of my gracious hostess Maria we took the subway into town and she took me for a great tour of the city and finished with an authentic Georgian style lunch… anyone who knows me knows I am 400lbs on the inside ” ) I love food! It was a great finish to help kick me off to the sets that were waiting for me to coach wake surfing and wake boarding back at WAKEPEOPLE!


Red Square

Red Square

While I was over my friends surprised me by celebrating my birthday : ) It was a great day of wake boarding, wakesurfing, flower & gift presentations followed by BBQ and traditional cake with tea. I really appreciated the their hospitality, thoughtfulness and kindness. Definitely one of my all time unforgettable birthdays : )


P7100136Tige Z23

Go BIG or Stay home!!!!  " )

Go BIG or Stay home!!!! " )

I have included the rest of the pics from my trip in the photo section…

Couldn't help it...I had to show them how to make a fake mustache = >{  ()

Couldn't help it...I had to show them how to make a fake mustache = >{ ()