Warm Winter for Wakeboarding :))))

Past couple of months have been stellar with a cold snap or two, here and there but, over all AWESOME!!!!!! There have already been some great wakeboard  shred sessions !!!!

Kevin and his crew from New York

Kevin and his crew from the great state of New York

Selina from Manhattan.. Jumped the wake for the first time CONGRATS!!!

Selina!!! Woowhoo you go girl!!!!

Selina!!! Woowhoo you go girl!!!!

I love coaching wakeboard!!! It makes me the happiest girl in the world, to see the smiles and instant gratification when riders improve : )

Me & Hollie

Me & Hollie

Hollie she is part of a group of young shredders about the ages between 6 to 12 who call themselves the ” Shred Sisters”

shred sisters

Shred Sisters Sydney Kyla, Hollie & Sarah

These girls are the future of our sport , riding boat and cable, absolutely  ripping on both. No telling where it will take them and our sport! My hope for them is what wakeboarding has done for me…World travel, life time opportunities, skills in marketing, self promotion, personal communication and public speaking, not to mention the life long friendships i have made world wide : )

What I love about this group of girls is that they ride together and push each other. When it comes to competition time it does become an individual sport but they are still there having fun and enjoying the ride!!!!

Waaaaay to go GIRLS!!! Keep riding and inspiring other girls


  1. Bill Porter says:

    Cathy…thanks for supporting all the Shred Sisters and students you work with. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is what keeps the fires flamed for those you come in contact with!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Bill..!! I learned from the best….YOU!

    You have grown the sport of wakeboarding not only in Florida and the US, you have effectively grown it world wide through Performance Ski & Surf o To build, nurture, support, educate & motivate riders by giving back to a sport through The Gravel Tour.

    The Gravel Tour has grown, from a little local tournament, where as; now folks travel from all over the states because they know it sets the standard in all divisions. The Gravel Tour through your direction, has maintained & promoted the values of a fun, no pressure family atmosphere : ) Riders spawning out of The Gravel Tour as you know are professional athletes and/or sponsored riders… The Sovens Phil, Bob and Jason… Megan Ethel, Daniel Powers, Lauren Harf, Dallas Friday and myself just to name a few!

    So right back atcha BILL>>>>THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!