Salute to 2013!

What a crazy year 2013 was???

My head is still spinning or is that from attending Tarah Mikacich 30th birthday party last night?!!! LOL!!! I think it is from a little of both: )

2013 was filled with a lot of hours in boat coaching which makes me feel very blessed. I am hoping to spend just as much time myself behind the boat this year riding because that genuinely make me a happy girl :) )))

Lets see if I can condense all of last year into bullets

  • Major surgery ( unrelated to wakeboard) feel awesome now!
  • Management position at Performance Ski & Surf
  • The Shop moved to a better location….moving = NOT FUN
  • Private coaching clinics at Smith Lake in Jasper Alabama… LOVE BAMA!
  • Surprise road trip to visit my parents… They are the best!
  • A lot more students this year especially Brazilian riders!!
  • Sold my Chevy truck and bought a Subaru… best hatchback ever!
  • Attended my best buddies wedding
  • 3 week coaching trip in Russia…ALWAYS AWESOME
  • BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE ..CANAL FRONT!!!!…. WOOOWHOOOO!!! Future ..Cathy’s Bed & Shred ; )
  • Got to go home to visit my family for Christmas for the first time in about 5 years.. Truly blessed!
  • Celebrated New Years on a more casual level with great friends, good food and fondue… Perfect!

Not too shabby of a 2013 the only downside is the fact that I am not debt free anymore : ( but hey… I just have to make it a new goal!!! If I can do it once, I can do it again .. just might take me a little longer ; )

I wish everyone the best in happiness, health, love and a lot of riding behind the boat and at the cable for 2014!!!!

Hope to see you in Orlando!!!