Cathy Williams

Well what can I say about myself? To start…I was born late! Never made it to school on time, was always that one age group behind in competitive swimming and it was only fitting that I would end up giving wakeboarding a go at 27… who’d a thunk?

Wakeboarding has been my life for the past 13 years, it has brought me the things in life that I have always wanted like worldwide travel, living life by the seat of my pants, constantly pushing myself past my comfort zones ( which happens to be quiet a lot), having a network of good friends you can count on and experiencing amazing opportunities. I love my life and get just as big of a kick to share it with others while I am out traveling the globe competing, working boat shows and coaching clinics.

I guess if you were to meet me you would not know what to think because first of all I am a girl trapped inside a woman’s body and I want out!…Is she mature? Immature? Well the answer would be, yes and definitely. I guess I am not your average 40 year old; besides wakeboarding on a World class level, I enjoyed riding my CRF250 at the track or in the woods until I realised I might shorten my life in wakeboarding : ) surfing all over the world. Turning a new leaf at a more ” Vintage” age  you have to really build up some courage to try new things, my friends say it improves my threshold for pain…I don’t know about that, all it is improving is the thought that I may never recover…But I’ll keep trying, makes me feel alive! I am thankful for my upbringing in rural Kentucky, growing up on welfare, brought up by a single mom in a very loving home with a supportive family giving all they could to help me in anything I wanted to do. I was quiet a tomboy loved getting dirty, playin sports and being a big sister was the bomb! All those things, as well as what was to follow years to come, has helped make me who I am today and appreciate everything that has come to me.

I moved to Florida in the winter of 89′ to work at Disney to take a break from University…had such a good time I stayed, then ended moving on to a job at Performance Ski and surf pro shop. The owner Bill Porter introduced me to everything you could ride on behind a boat. Working there was a great learning experience, taught me a lot about the retail side of our sport, how to help someone get into the right boardshape for them, lobby for sponsorships, but most of all good business ethics and customer service. 

The day finally came where I was lucky enough to have the sponsor support and skills to leave Performance and start the life of a professional wakeboarder. It seems I can relate on all levels on and off the water, created my own special fan base and my own diversity in the sport of wakeboarding bridging the gap between what people think is the norm that of a youthful sport to… it’s everyone’s sport you just got to try!

With all that has come and gone in my career I found somethng that I love to do as much as ride and that my friends is coaching! Getting girls, guys, kids, mom’s, dad’s, GF, BFF;s and other randome abbreviattions for who knows what out on the water to have as much fun as I do!!! 


Wakeboarding is a lot of fun :) I would like to encourage all who stroll through my site to give it a go. The fun thing about our sport is you can take it as far as you want, take it at your own pace. If you want to cruise, cruise, if you want to compete treat your body like a temple, give all you can and get out on the water. Wakeboarding does not discriminate…man, woman or child doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be strong…don’t even have to be fit… LOL ( but it helps) .You just have to have the desire to have fun out on the water!

Thanks again for visiting at my site, I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, questions or constructive criticism… shoot, I’ll listen :)


Cathy Williams