Just a quick little entry to tell ya about THAILAND!!! WOOOOWHOOOOOOO!!!! What a trip! It was HOT… the weather was HOT, the water was HOT and the food was FIRE EATIN HOT! Man the FOOD… WHOA!! So Good BUT…. SOOOO HOT! lol!!

Riding was absolutely EPIC! Glass water, only boat on a 12 mile long lake and better yet DEEP, which translate in wakeboard riding terms AWESOME WAKE!!!!! The owners of Wakeboarding Thailand bought Emily Copeland-Durhams 2007 230 Nautique… I was so stoked!

GOODTIMES, GOODTIMES,GOODTIMES,GOODTIMES!!! I promise to do a follow up post with pics of the camp, riding and excursions within the week : )

By the way not to rub it in but Florida is rocking for riding ; )

Hope to see you sooner than later!


Whats the most awesome thing about this Christmas and rocking into 2012?

Being DEBT FREE !!!!!!!!

If your visiting my site for the first time and thinking to yourself… ” I was just wanting to checkout this chick doing some wakeboarding” You still can, its just that this is not only my site for information about getting out on the lake and being coached by ME : )

Its also a way to get to know me which at the moment is my excitement, enthusiasm and stoked out attitude of being DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE… did I mention I was DEBT FREEEEEEEEEE?!!!!


I was trying for a 2 year plan and did it in just 17 months! The secret is having a plan… THANK YOU DAVE RAMSEY….emotional support from friends, family, determination,as well as, giving “Thanks” & saying prayers.

The reason why I am sharing it with my friends, family, clients and folks that don’t know me is because I care about y’all & Im just STOKED AS ALL GET OUT!!  ; )

Debt can make you feel trapped, hold you back from your dreams, effect your attitude, relationships, your fun…your whole life! At least thats how I felt ( past tense )!

Now I can get on with it living with less stress, being prepared for the unexpected expenses that always seem to come at the most inopportune moment and looking forward to comfortable future : )

I am already preparing a great schedule for new adventures of enjoying life, friendships and fun for 2012! Keep an eye out on my calendar for events, clinics and adventures!

I am just an email or phone call away if you have any questions or need motivation to get on the right track for financial freedom… I created hyperlinks to Dave Ramsey in white

I wish everyone a great holiday season with friends and family!



Whoa… somebody pull back the reigns before summer is gone!!!!!

I have been so busy working, coaching, making new friends, keeping up with old friends, riding and traveling i have not noticed that its the middle of September …


That I am such a slacker when it comes to this whole blog thinga-ma-jiggy.. but hey that’s what mom’s are for.. to remind us when we need to pull it together. Thanks mom : *

Ok so let me revisit my last month or so…

I had a crew from Bermuda Rachel, Simon and Stuart!!! AWESOME riding y’all! There was perfect, nice water, teamed with HOT weather..LOVE FLORIDA ” )

The first couple of sets started with fundamentals which really paid off. By the third set the one wake jumps progressed into wake to wake!! SUPER!!! Everyone left with a new confidence on the water and big smiles : )

Once the Bermuda crew was sent off Carey and Justin came down from Tennessee to ride for a couple of days.. More beautiful fun days out on the water! YEeeeeeeeHAW Ya’ll!!!!! Afterwards there was Brazilians, Locals, more Brazilians, Argentinians and random amazing Swedish folks ….

Then it was INVASION of the Nate… in a blink of an eye standing before me at Orlando Watersports Complex.. fresh out of the airport Aussie Nate was on a walkabout….. in Orlando?

CW: Dude where’s your rental?
AN: uhhh ah dont have one
CW:How’d ya get here?
AN: I walked,,yeah..
CW: You WHAT?! It’s freakin 100 degrees outside
AN: Yeah..Ur tellin me mate
CW: Where are ya staying?
AN: On Orange Blossom Trail behind the Citgo
CW: Your outta your freakin mind dude!

There is so much more to the story, It was all too comical. Super cool dude, with riding skills to boot…hitting O town for a month of riding, living the wakeboarding lifestyle… It was great to be a tour guide for a couple weeks driving through the outback of Florida, having encounters with viscous armadillos, greyhounds and locals!

After Aussie Nate made a heap of new friends who miss him. I was off to RUSSIA!! Yes it’s that time of summer its Sasha time…this year was much better than last, no smoke and swelting, melting heat! It was awesome! I learned air tricks on his private Sesitec 2.0.

Upon return from Russia I made a quick trip home for some family time in Kentucky, stopped through Crossville Tenn. for a wake session on the Hiawassee river with Carey and a load of friends… THANK YOU for your hospitality, riding the river and Muscadine Wine : ) then it was back at it with a visit from the partners of Wakeboarding Thailand coming out to ride with me. Lucky for Jen it was the week of Surf Expo what a great place to make connections and network!!! All I have to say about it is “Chaos” … complete “CHAOS” ! Laughs, drowned phones, walking fine lines, Industry parties, Parks Roast at Hard Rock Live, adult beverages and sharing lines out on the lake with SO MANY PEOPLE IN TOWN!!! Word to the wise if you come to Orlando to ride during Surf Expo you better hope its a private lake… OWC was packed!

This past 2 weeks has been more BRAZILIANS and WAKEFLOT: a crew from Moscow that run a couple of cable parks and have the Tige boat distribution for the country… what a crazy crew Maria and Alex were great fun, good times and great MEDVED Vodka ; ) I love RUSSIA!!! WOOOOWHOOO!!!!

I just cant get over how great this place is for wakeboarding enthusiasts! Remember before you leave your country or your state to pack more than one pair of undies, cause your gone pee your pants from being so overwhelmed from all the boardable lakes, cable parks, pro’s standing next to you at OWC, or hanging out downtown at the Other Bar : )

Tis’ the season to get some WAKEBOARD INSTRUCTION!!!

Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching! What a great way to kick your boarding season in the right direction by gettin a little help from your wakeboard pro.. who by the way, absolutely LOVES being in the boat helping my boarding brothers and sisters out ; )

Yours truly ( ME ) would love to be able to take some of those bad habits built up over last season or over the years.. get’em straightened out.. To help you start your ride season of standing sideways on the water …. going bigger, gettin upside down, spinnin around or just riding around!

Having a wakeboard lesson isn’t just for beginners, intermediates or advanced riders.. Even the top pros go to wakeboard coaches from time to time to learn tricks or improve style. Sometimes someone will say something in a different way and it will “CLICK”! or sometimes they’ll say the exact same thing as everyone else but for some reason it got through the brain bucket to your noggin ” )

Improving your riding and style comes with time on the water, getting stoked on and emulating the people who inspire you, the riders you hang out with, ride with and of course the love of the sport…You have to first want to get better, dedicate yourself and it will happen. Did I mention spending a lot of time on the water?! Heck yeah the best place to be : )

Whats great about getting wakeboard coaching is that you can learn things more quickly and with less hard falls… Hard falls are part of the sport but they can be lessened with proper instruction and commitment on your part. No nannas in this sport, especially amongst the pro ranks. Cause if you cant take a hit you’ll probably quit!


How many times have I heard its only water..How many times have you heard that???? Seriously YES we all know it’s water.. BUT unlike, snow, concrete and dirt… water finds it way into places that we didnt even think about like that planet URANUS, Eyes /nose and ear sockets…WHOA and how about those WASABI FACIALS? Goodness your face is on absolute fire, you feel like your nose and ears are bleeding trying to pull your eyelid out by your eyelashes…individually! Its only water… Good one buddy next time he says that pull him out on the whip tell him to let his arms out, look down and point his toes …maybe he’ll have a new perspective on how soft the water is : ) JUST KIDDING DON’T DO THAT…!

People have been blowing me up for wakeboard lessons this spring already so the “STOKE” is definitely in the air!

I would like to give a shout out to my group I just had for 2 weeks from the CZECH REPUBLIC!!!! AWESOME time y’all! Great riding, fun, BBQ’s and just all in all GOODTIMES!

If you are going to be visiting Orlando or would like to organize a private get together for your friends or a group out on your lake. If you go up to the “Your Lake or Mine” tab pricing is available.. Hit me up by email on the contact page, I would love to get you out on the water to ride!

Thanks for stopping bye my page!!!

Every year keeps getting better and better

I know as usual a month late and $20.11  short… but any how its 2011! WOOOOWHOOOO!!!

I had a great time going home to see my family and then heading out to Colorado to see my best friend. It was a great New Year… BRRRrrrrrgh !!!!  Dag’um it was cold! Seriously took about 3 days to get use too.

Man what a tough 2010?! Don’t get me wrong..I had a great time, but it was like pulling teeth! Working twice as hard for a little less than what use to be the norm. Like anyone trying to find their way, you just have to be patient and adjust, which is tough cause Im so full of energy, my brain is going 90 to nothin and I have a hard time chillin… go figure?!

All I tried to do was embrace the change and not just roll with it… cause if you know me..I had to RUN with it!! I must say i’m pretty proud of myself for this past year. I made some goals, stuck to my guns and surpassed my own expectations so I’m PUMPED!

I was gonna say .. heck Ill just say it..” Every year keeps getting better and better!” Can I quote myself like that? Is that even grammatically possible or would I have to have a split personality for it to count? Doesn’t matter cause I break every rule in literature anyhow ; ) My name does start with a “C” so I guess I was destined to be just average.


You know whats great about a new year…new goals, adventures, friends and did I mention ADVENTURES!!!! LOVE’M ; )

This year looks like Ill be heading to some new places ( Thailand, Bermuda, Brazil)meeting some new faces and returning to some other fab places( North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky and RUSSIA!!) for more good times riding with familiar friendly faces : ) WOOOOP! I LOVE THE WATER AND I LOVE WAKEBOARDING!!!!!!!

On my google calendar I have the months Ill be going to do these clinics but no exact times or dates just yet, they’re all in the works TBA. If anyone is interested in attending any of my clinics in these countries/states or want to set up your own… hit me up and lets do it!!

Lets get out on the water and ride!!!!!!


What to do for Christmas?!

Tis the season!

Are you having trouble finding that gift for someone who seems to have everything or they are just hard to find something for? Since we’re creeping up on the eve of this Christmas holiday season, I thought I would offer a couple suggestions then you can let your imagination do the walking or Wakeing ; )

If that  guy or girl aready has a board, boots, binding, rope & handle, board bag, magazine subscription, ballast bags, boat, Gopro or Contour thats great! If not well click the hyperlink on the gear and get yourself to Performance Ski& Surf for all your wake, waterski and snowboard needs…

Wakeboarding like most sports is a progressive sport…no matter what someone’s ability is getting private instruction for the beginner can be a great experience! Especially getting up for the first time avoiding alot of the hassles, hopefully pain free : ) for that intermediate to advanced rider there is always room for improvement…fine tuning something they are working on, maybe they have reached a plateau in their riding and could use a good dose of motivation or suggestions on something to try that they have never thought of!
Nelems Marine clinic Jasper Alabama

1. I think private coaching sessions are a great gift for anyone, even the whole family! A family that plays together definitely create a fun atmosphere ! …If interested hit me up by email and ‘ll be happy to draw up a personalized gift certificate or voucher…I am offering a 10% discount on a booking of 10 (30min. sessions) or 15% discount on a booking of 10  (1hr.sessions) until the end of December.

Hosting a clinic for friends, family or a corporate team building exercise is a great idea anytime of the year!!!

2. Otherwise how bout a print of their favorite rider, riding spot or image?


I have several close friends that are photographers one being Thomas Gustafson you can go to his website, view, order and purchase any print… stoking out any watersports enthusiasts! Just go to www.thomasgustafson.com

3. How bout a day at  your local cable park? In Orlando we have OWC .


I hope everyone has a great holiday season…try to remember to enjoy it and dont get caught up in the whole quantity of gifts…. Give the gift of unexpected surprise to help someone deserving!  Make their holiday brighter …go under the radar. Let this season be about loving and appreciating one another.

Cheers Y’all!



Thanksgiving in Florida is AWESOME!!!

The weather is warm, the sun is shining which makes it great to get family and friends together to get out on our beautiful  lakes. There is nothing like having one in your own backyard…I am a very lucky girl just Holden it down ; )

Ill admit that being from the great state of Kentucky I miss the four seasons, I love fall! It really puts you in the mood with the slow approaching chill, the forest are progressively changing like a painters pallet from the blue /greens to vibrant yellow, orange, red to browns. A great time to visit Land Between the Lakes. Camping is less hassle with no bugs and less sweat. Campfires seem so classic with the cool weather which makes it nice and cozy to get your snuggle and Smoores on!!!!!!  ; ) You can feel the energy in the woods from all the animals because its hunting season…its crazy ! OMG It would suck so much to be a deer with a target for a birthmark ! LOL!!!

Today I cant be with my family and my truly loved one but as always they are in my mind and soul. My Uncle Steve or my parents will do the group 3 way phone call thing complete with my grandma yellin ” Catherine …this is Grandma!” LOL … passing around the phone havin a giggle. Its like being there…

Whats great is that I have amazing friends! Did I mention that I have AMAZING FRIENDS?!!!! Today Im thankful I dont have to work but stoked I have a job and I got some skills ; ) Grammar is not one! Im gonna spend my Turkey Day today with Cobe and Tara Mikacich at Tara’s family out in Groveland, a beautiful little small town north of Orlando. There was mention of some  football, table tennis and some ” B-Ball” . Could be fun…I mean what would today be without trying to work up an appetite and off the pounds before they are actually consumed at ” Lupper”? or “Linner”…

You know what “Linner” is?…something between lunch and dinner . By 6 or 7′ O-clock your absolutely food comatose. You cant even think about anything accept parking yourself somewhere in front of the idiot tube and vegging out! I’m gonna try and go easy today, we’ll see ” )

I hope that everyone has the chance today to enjoy, relax and be blessed with good fortune in all aspects of your life  approaching the new year.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Y’all !



I choose Russia! : )

What an awesome trip…!

The first part of my journey on my transfer from MCO to ATL. I was walking on the people mover to T terminal, looked down and what did I find? $42 bucks!!! Heck yea so what did I do? Got some snacks for the long flight, a mechanical pencil and a Sudoku, with plenty of change to spare ; ) On the flight I sat next to a Russian Scientist..Go figure? and just before dinner, I was lucky enough to be able to switch for a window seat….. BONUS!!! …I could sleep all the way to Moscow ” )

On my arrival I was greeted by Serge, his wife Irina and his youngest son Kirrill… holding a sign saying ” I love you Cathy”…Too funny!Moscow airport

We made our 80 mile journey out of Moscow to a small town Fedorovskoe. In the states that would have only taken an hour and a half…Well not in Russia..3 hours later due to bad traffic,  road design or lack there of.. we finally made it !!!!

My gracious hosts for 10 days would be Sasha and Olya. Their house is situated in a small village Kornakova. When we arrived at the gate to Sasha’s place… I was awe struck at the massive 30,000 sq.ft summer lake house retreat …It was beautiful!


Once unpacked it was time for lunch, coffee and what every person would expect to have in thier back yard…But of course a Sashatec 2.0!!! LOL..sorta like a Sesitec but “Russian Style”… SUPER FUN! It was my first time on a Sesi-sort-tec, but in the first 10minutes I was airborne.. throwing Raleys..! Super pumped..and easy!


The craziest situation while I was there, was dealing with the muck fires…90 of them equaled by the 100 degree heat! The smoke was sooooo thick it was unreal, somedays was maybe 150ft. visibility…this is a look from my window during the afternoon.

smokey Better yet have a look from the boat!

yea buddy!!

Although there was crazy smoke, boiling heat. I had the absolute best time! Meeting Sasha’s friends, getting out on the water wakeboarding, wakesurfing and eating fresh from momma’s garden…LOVED IT!  Ill be sure to include in my gallery a section from my Russia trip I hope you will enjoy it..! Please feel free to leave comments or questions : )



July Update

Hey y’all!

To all my fellow Americans I hope you had a great 4th! And for my friends across the pond… quoted by the Famous Coltman family


On the 11th, it seems that another year has cruised on by, rolling my number ahead by one ; ) Thank God it is only a number! Cause I feel GREAT!

I would like to extend to my Frenchy counterparts on the 14th. .”Joyeux prise de la Bastille!” also to my good friend and Aussie mate AMBER WING…CONGRATS on landing the first ever Toe side 900!!!! Yes it is on film, property of Oakley at the moment. Super stoked for her…There are a lot of pro men that cant land a 9 …SO CHEERS MATE!

Just bought a camera!!! Super pumped… should be here in the next couple of days!

Looking ahead..I will be travelling to Moscow at the end of the month!!! Super stoked and you can bet Ill be giving updates while I am there : )

Other than that…I’m just working the Perf!, coaching on my days off, before and after work !!!

Life is Good…why? because I choose to make it so!!!!!

Wake surfing

Ramon!When I met Ramon at Performance Ski & Surf he told me in pretty good english “I am from Bra-zeeeel”…Now when I think of Brazil, I think of girls in tinney winney little ridiculously small bikini’s, Mardi Gras and my favorite SURFING!!!

Ramon was wanting a wakesurf board so he could have a play behind the jet ski or boat when there were no waves… I showed him all the different boards and options and then he started asking questions how to do it. Then my alter ego kicked in as “Coach Cathy” sometimes I feel it is a curse because I cant seem to keep my mouth shut..BUT please do understand I just love water sports and I want folks to have just as much fun as I do without hard times : ) Ramon

Long story short, Ramon came out to have a wakesurf sesh…he just wanted to smash the lip of the wake, link turns and do monster carves ..he didnt realize you could actually surf without the handle. After the thought was planted in his brazillian brain that man was on a mission, it didnt take long because ” Ramon GOT SKILLS!”

In a 30 minute session, Ramon was not just smashin the lip, he was enjoying being handle free just surfing, loving life behind the boat…

The pics will tell it all, revealing what makes me smile, loving what I do on a daily basis!

Thanks Ramon for spreading smiles!