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Salute to 2013!

What a crazy year 2013 was???
My head is still spinning or is that from attending Tarah Mikacich 30th birthday party last night?!!! LOL!!! I think it is from a little of both: )
2013 was filled with a lot of hours in boat coaching which makes me feel very blessed. I am hoping to spend just [...]

Russia 2013 part 2

The first week in Moscow also included working with Alena Pishchulina and her friends at Endless Summer wakesurfing before the 2nd Annual Kalinka International Wakesurf Cup.
Nothing like bringing back a little America by having Dunkin Donuts coffee to start my day!

On the way to the Shore Yacht Club there was the most interesting bridge we [...]

RUSSIA 2013!!!

I have been in Moscow for a week!

It has been great! This was my view from the Belgrad Hotel in downtown Moscow. I spent the first couple of days at WakePeople coaching wakeboarding but mainly wake surfing. It is crazy how the people have taken to the sport! The level of wakesurfing has really spiked [...]